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Enlightening Science
Enlightening Science
Enlightening Science

New Waves of Knowledge

Enlightening scientific knowledge and describing the state of enlightenment for every one through simple, easy, well-tested scientific methods.



Mathematics Courses

The usefulness of mathematics. Precision and repeatability. Basis for experiments and technology. Exploring your mind. Abstract thinking and infinity.



A Scientific Breakthrough has been Achieved

For the first time in the history of mankind a precise description of all higher states of consciousness has been found. In simple mathematical terms, without inventing any new mathematics, higher states of consciousness are described. The secret was hidden in the precise description of the mathematical number systems. Even if you have no (zero!) knowledge of mathematics you can learn this much math within less than four hours. The lessons are about 15 to 20 minutes average and totally easy to understand. Follow the sequence and in a short time you know mathematically accurate what are: Transcendental Consciousness (TC), Cosmic Consciousness (CC), Ishvara Consciousness (IC), Unity Consciousness (UC) and Brahman Consciousness (BC). These are the states we call Enlightenment. Now we have achieved to define them with mathematical accuracy and to fulfill the goal of this website right from the beginning in an elegant, new wave of knowledge. EnlighteningScience.com is the only place on the web, where this ground-breaking new knowledge is available!


A group of enlightened scientists is ready to take you to the next step on the pathless path. Interested?

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