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Enlightening Science
Enlightening Science
Enlightening Science

Introduction of Courses on Enlightening Science

What is the scope of this website. Enlightening and progressing science. Supporting quick enlightenment through scientific knowledge. Exploring the  hidden potential of your mind.

Mathematics Courses

The usefulness of mathematics. Precision and repeatability. Basis for experiments and technology. Exploring your mind. Abstract thinking and infinity.

Natural Numbers

Introduction to numbers. The importance of infinity. Abstraction in mathematics. Enlightenment by removing ignorance

Integer Numbers, Rational Numbers

Negative numbers. Integer numbers. Negative and positive infinity. Rational number system. Seeing infinity everywhere.

Decimal Numbers, Real Numbers

Short summary of the previous number systems. Decimal Numbers. Infinitely long decimal numbers. Real numbers and the continuum. Infinity dominates the finite.

Imaginary and Complex Numbers

Multiplying rules. Various plus and minus multiplications. Definition of i for imaginary numbers. Complex numbers.

Complex Numbers Part 2

Two components of one number. Mathematical terminology simplified. Complex number plane. Unit circle. Writing conventions for real and imaginary.

Complex Numbers Part 3

Unit Circle. Rotation along the unit circle in the complex plane. Sine waves are projections of rotations in physics. Nature rotates in circles. Vibrations show as sine waves. Hidden imaginary and obvious real components.

Complex Numbers Part 4

Review of complex numbers. Mathematical application of complex numbers. Coloring the complex number plane. Fractals zoom movie. Zooming process using ever more decimal digits.

Cardinality - Sizes of Infinity

Review of number systems N, Z, Q, R, C. Percentage of Q in R. Cardinality of number sets. Countable Infinity. Continuum. Aleph 0 and Aleph 1. Infinitely many infinities.

Algebraic Numbers, Transcendental Numbers

Review of cardinality. Irrational numbers. Algebraic real numbers. Square root of 2. Transcendental numbers. Pi and e. Percentage of algebraic and transcendental numbers in R.

Consciousness and Attention

Review of all number systems. Writing conventions. Consciousness of the mathematician. New brain circuits. Attention on infinity and the finite.

Transcendental Consciousness and Cosmic Consciousness

Evolution of Consciousness. Review of number systems.Infinity at every point. Transcendental consciousness. Experience of infinity with all senses. Cosmic consciousness. Infinite depth in enlightenment.

Ishvara Consciousness

Infinity everywhere becomes a normal state of life.  Experience reality. Enlightened beings. Ishvara with the most highly evolved consciousness. Finite and infinite approach. Ishvara consciousness.

Unity Consciousness

Review of higher states of consciousness. Unity consciousness. Infinite approach to infinity. Transcendental Number pi cannot be calculated with finite amount of steps. Infinite speed quantum computer in the human brain. Perfect intuition. Nothing is foreign. At home with everything. Use the full brain capacity.

Infinite Approach to Infinity

No finite speed computer can calculate pi to its end. Practical exercise to calculate pi. Each step gets closer to the transcendental number. Unity Consciousness is a life in infinities. Switch on the quantum computer in the brain. Realize infinity in everyone and everything.

Brahman Consciousness

Seeing perfection everywhere. Vision expands into cosmic dimensions. Brahman, the totality of everything. Non-calculable numbers. Unity consciousness expanded to infinity. Infinity everywhere and lots of bliss. It is worthwhile to get there.

Infinite Hotel

Review of number systems. Infinite subsets. End the counting and abstract to infinity. Infinite Hotel is fully booked. Create any amount of empty rooms. Identical mightiness of all number sets except non-computable transcendentals. Brahman consciousness.

Enlightenment Methods and Results

Infinite hotel review. Mathematics of infinity. Evolution of consciousness. Number sets describe the worlds of higher states. Method of release in Yoga sutra 2.26. All powers and all knowledge in Yoga sutra 3.49. Full range of possibilities. Course overview of enlightening mathematics and enlightening science.


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